Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fuchsia meets camo...

Pink ACU Gift Bags Reusable Flannel-lined Twill Army Brat by Handiworkin' Girls
Fuchsia-lined ACU Gift Bags

The other ten of the twenty girl-colored ACU gift bags we sewed for the Army-themed birthday bash were lined with fuchsia pink flannel. It's a pretty shade - vibrant, feminine, and eye-catching - and paired well with the variety of pink and white buttons we had in our button jars. Our favorite feature, though, is the topstitching. Introducing the lining color to the bags' tabs and tops with our topstitching gives an extra dash of stylish pink to the otherwise earthy-colored camouflage, and allows the bags to retain their crisp shape even with repeated use. (It simplifies ironing them for photos, too!)

Fuchsia Flannel & ACU Twill Gift Bags Reusable Birthday Party Favors by Handiworkin' GirlsACU & Flannel Gift Bags Fuchsia Pink Reusable by handiworkingirlsFuschia & Camo Gift Bags Army Brat Birthday Party Favors ACU Twill by Handiworkin' Girls

Pink Flannel & Camo Twill Gift Bags Reusable Army Party Favors Birthday by handiworkingirls

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