Saturday, January 12, 2013

Camo and Pink...

book tote ACU camouflage Army wife pink reusable gift bag
Custom ACU Book Tote
This once humble gift bag has undergone a makeover and now functions as a mini book tote. "Mini" in that it has relatively short handles and holds three to four fiction sized books. Nevertheless, this little bag lacks nothing in the style department. Sturdy ACU twill makes up the bag's exterior, while a girly pink double-knit lines the inside. A small interior pocket provides a place to tuck keys or a cellphone, and a larger exterior pocket allows room for a small notebook and a pen or two to tag along. To keep up with the wear-and-tear of daily use, the handles are made from military-style nylon webbing. A custom name tape leaves no doubt as to whose books these are, and a rosy pink vintage button finishes the bag with an extra dash of style. (And of course, there's still room for a bar of dark chocolate, in case of emergencies.)
vintage button book tote ACU Army camo ladies bag pink
rosy pink and Army camouflage Army wife ACU custom book tote
ACU book tote wife reusable gift bag small with handles and pockets
Army camo ACU book tote pink Army wife Army brat gift bag

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