Thursday, January 24, 2013

Everlasting, never ending...

Now that we have explored some less common Valentine's color palettes, we decided to use the classy red, black, and white combination in yesterday's collection. To tie in with the lyrics of Laura Story's "You Are Love", we found a number of beautiful items featuring the word "love" in due prominence. See what you think of these lovely things, and their corresponding Etsy shops.

'You Are Love' by HandiworkinGirls

You are justice for every oppression You're forgiveness for every confession You are beauty, goodness, blessing, You are love You are healing for every sickness You are power in every weakness You are mighty, holy, faithful, You are love

Oh God of the heavens
You descended from your throne
Gave Your Son for our ransom
And by this all men will know that You are love


















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