Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Where the grass gets green and the highway ends...

Time to break out of the usual treasury routine with inspiration from "Love Will Be Enough for Us" by Brandon Heath. Photos of beautiful babies, cozy cabins, and stunning outdoor scenes form the focal point in our latest collection. Be sure to check out a few of these lovely shops!

'Love Will Be Enough For Us' by HandiworkinGirls

We'll build a little cabin on a really tall hill Plant a little garden, pray for every meal And we'll grow and we'll grow Take a little nap on the butterfly grass Just you and I and the clouds that pass Hold me close, hold me close

We'll be living out where the river bends
Where the grass gets green and the highway ends
Livin' easy where it's you and me baby and the daffodils
Kids growing up in the rolling hills
And love will be enough for us

















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