Friday, May 3, 2013

Once upon a utility rug...

tshirt rag rug utility cottage rustic country blue cream brown yellow black gray green by Handiworkin' Girls
The color scheme of this t-shirt rug is a play on our previous blue and green color palettes, but with the addition of a bit of golden yellow and a heavy dose of cream. We mixed in all of the prevalent neutrals - navy blue, coffee brown, black, and charcoal gray - to keep our rug versatile in style as well as practical. For everyday use, we locate our own utility rugs by our back entries, as a way to trap some of the dirt brought in by little feet. As we hand-knit all our rugs from upcycled t-shirts, we end up with lots of nubby little bumps and knots. Those rustic-looking knots are the dirt-trappers, and since our rag rugs are machine-washable (front-loaders only, of course), this makes allergen-control much simpler and a lot more stylish!

rag rug tee shirt upcycled navy blue cream black gray brown laundry workshop entry by Handiworkin' Girls
t shirt rag rug upcycled utility cottage blues country cream rustic gray brown handmade by handiworkingirls

utility rug workshop laundry room rustic country cottage blue cream brown by Handiworkin' Girls

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