Thursday, April 11, 2013

Don't let go ...

Sometimes our treasury inspirations come from the items we find whilst browsing our team members' shops, on other days it comes from the songs we are listening to as we work on our shop's inventory. Yesterday's treasury was inspired by both. A retro combination of red, aqua, and white seemed to fit well with Peter Furler's song "Hold On." The color scheme we have used before, but these items are all fresh picks from the CAST team.

'Hold On' by HandiworkinGirls

You never thought you would get to a place Where your life could go from carefree To suddenly aching, beautiful to breaking Now you crawl through the smoke and haze Fighting just to find some daylight to see the sun And then catch your breath again

There's a whisper in the chaos
And it's calling out your name

Just believe, I know you're gonna make it
Don't let go when the ground beneath you is shaking
Through the good times and the bad times
And the things you can't control, you gotta hold on

















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