Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring spirals...

handiworkingirls rag rug circular t shirt rainbow blue purple pink artisan knitted

Our very latest custom creation - a circular t-shirt rug - consists of a multitude of bright shades spinning into an almost perfect spiral. The mixture of blue, purple, pink, green, black, gray, and white turns a simple floorcovering into an eye-covering accent for your kitchen or living room. The thickness of the t-shirts gives your toes a welcome respite from the cold, hard floor! And with the aid of a front-loading washer, the rug also helps reduce the accumulation of indoor allergens - always a plus for those of us with sensitive noses.

circular rag rug tee shirt upcycled rainbow kitchen decor by Handiworkin' Girls

Handiworkin' Girls rag rug custom circular tshirt purple blue pink teal turquoise green black

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