Monday, April 22, 2013

What do you do when...

Inspiration for our latest treasury-work came from the beautiful bath salts featured in the top corner, along with the lyrics of Francesca Battistelli's "Something More." Francesca's music always seems to call for the prettiest and most colorful items listed on Etsy, and we tried to round up a choice bunch to fit with this song. Please enjoy these sprightly selections from the other CAST shops!

'Made for something more...' by HandiworkinGirls

What do you do when you get everything you wanted But it's not what you wanted after all What do you do when your dreams become reality But deep inside you know they're not enough

God, it's so hard living with a longing heart
Everything I think I need feels so strangely out of reach
So God help me now to understand that this may be how
You show me I was made for something more

















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