Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sometimes the truth ain’t easy to find...

Black and white forms a crisp canvas for our newest treasury. To coincide with the lyrics of Sanctus Real's "These Things Take Time," we added accents of copper and aqua. The deep yet natural color palette, artisan-made products, and the succinct song lyrics will (hopefully) provide an encouraging moment to your morning.

'And I wonder why...' by HandiworkinGirls

I wanna know why pain makes me stronger I wanna know why good men die Why am I so afraid of the dark? But I stray from the light I wanna know why You gave me eyes When faith is how I see And tell me Is it easier to doubt Or harder to believe

Oh there’s so many questions stirring in me
And I wonder why
Sometimes the truth ain’t easy to find
I wanna know all the answers
But I’m learning that
These things take time
Yeah, these things take time

















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