Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Setting us free...

We went for a slight change of pace with our latest treasury, mingling a variety of soft, neutral shades of moss green, silver, creamy white, and tan with the deepest, richest aubergines and plums we could find. With a theme inspired by the lyrics of Aaron Shust's "Wondrous Love," we included artwork featuring Scripture verses and a quote from C. S. Lewis, and a few of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry and housewares made by the CAST team.

'What wondrous love...' by HandiworkinGirls

That you would leave Your throne And make this world Your home Forsaking majesty Embracing mundane And all of its shame You walked our dusty streets Healing a world in need You looked into the eyes Of sinners like me Setting us free

What wondrous love is this
What wondrous love is this
That You would lay aside Your glory for my soul

















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